Book Review: The Art of Occlusal Esthetic Waxing

Reviewed by Dr. Alan E. Friedel

The Art of Occlusal Esthetic Waxing is an exceptional book on an important analog concept in what fast is becoming a digital world. This book is made for those people who believe that digitally created occlusion may come close to, but is not as good as proper analog creation of occlusion, especially when carefully crafted by an exacting dentist.

 The book takes a logical, stepwise approach to educate dentists who are new to these concepts or to remind experienced dentists of the logic behind each of the steps involved with creating aesthetic, functional occlusion. The book begins by setting parameters, building basic agreement about the concepts of occlusion and aesthetics. Most of us have not reviewed these concepts since early in dental school education. The fundamental understanding of occlusion; where the forces of function are properly directed is inherent to excellence in dentistry. The discussion of aesthetics starts tooth by tooth and then pulls back into a discussion of face form, arch form, profile and lips.

Visit to read the full review.

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