Book Review: Cephalometry in Orthodontics: 2D and 3D

Reviewed by Dr. Alan E. Friedel

Cephalometry in Orthodontics: 2D and 3D was written as an aid for Orthodontists but it is also an exceptional book which can be of value to any dentist interested in a more comprehensive understanding of 2D Cephalometric radiographs and CBCT (3D) radiographs. The chapters are arrayed in a logical progression, and are easily understood and put into useful context.

The first three chapters lay the foundation for what follows. They provide historical perspective, beginning with a review of our understanding of human skull growth and development in the time period before radiology. Much of this knowledge was anecdotal, but some put us on the path we are on today. Up until recent times 2D Cephalometric radiography was all that was available. Radiologists had to learn how to stabilize the skull and take views that would be both reproduceable between patients and for a single patient. This began a more scientific approach to Cephalometry.

Visit to read the full review.

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