Air Force Veteran Can Eat More Comfortably Thanks to Donated Dental Services

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Eating is an essential everyday necessity and there comes a sense of appreciation for being able to eat comfortably. Unfortunately, for many people like Vincent, an 85-year-old Air Force veteran, difficulty in eating became a part of his daily life.

Vincent wanted to be an air police officer while in the military, but after taking a personal assessment it turned out he was better suited for accounting. Although he was hesitant, he decided to give it a try and enjoyed being an accountant for more than 60 years. He currently lives with his daughter and granddaughter in Kissimmee and has seven children and 23 grandchildren.

He suffered multiple health issues throughout his life, including heart attacks, strokes and a total stomach resection. Currently, he has a pacemaker/defibrillator and suffers from skin cancer, kidney disease, rheumatoid arthritis and vertigo. Unfortunately, he is unable to work due to his health and relies on his Social Security Disability benefit.

Dr. Stanley Asensio and staff with DDS patient Vincent.

Several holes in Vincent’s dentures made it exceedingly difficult and uncomfortable for him to eat. Although dental treatment seemed far beyond his reach, he was referred to Dental Lifeline Network’s Donated Dental Services (DDS) program and was matched with Dr. Stanley Asensio. He was then fitted
for dentures that were generously donated by Reggie Dental Lab in Orlando.

After the completion of his treatment, Vincent expressed appreciation for his team of volunteers: “Thank you very much for your help. It is so nice to be able to eat and smile again. They were so wonderful.”

“We have completed Vincent’s treatment, and all went very well. I think we all made a new friend. I had a wonderful time getting to know him and listening to his military experience and stories. Thank you for the opportunity to help him,” said Dr. Asensio, DDS volunteer.

By volunteering for the DDS program, you can help provide people and veterans like Vincent with the ability to eat again.

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Funding Donated Dental Services will help Florida’s most vulnerable get life-saving care

By Dr. Cesar Sabates

“The mouth is the window into the health of the body” is a well-known phrase in the health care community.

As a dentist who has practiced for 30 years, I know that this statement is true.

I’ve treated patients who could not undergo transplants until the infections in their mouths were treated, and I’ve treated patients who couldn’t eat or sleep properly because of the pain of gum infection and decayed teeth, which can be associated with medical conditions such as diabetes.

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Dr. Cesar Sabates is president of Florida Donated Dental Services, a past president of the Florida Dental Association, a Trustee of the American Dental Association and a practicing dentist in Coral Gables.

teeth.jpgFlorida Donated Dental Services program, which gives dental care to patients unable to pay, is seeking full funding from the state. Getty Images

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