“Chew on This!” What to Do if You Get a Negative Review Online?

This month, the FDA has reintroduced its “Chew on This” video segments — part of the Beyond the Bite blog. The new structure is different from the previously used rapid-questions format in that it will focus on a single topic discussed with a subject matter expert.

In the updated format, FDA Executive Director Drew Eason interviews guests with experience and expertise in a given area of interest, such as public speaking, motivation or working with new dentists. The idea is to present useful material that members can immediately apply to their lives and their practices.

In the debut piece, which is now available, Drew talks with Moore Agency Senior Vice President Jordan Jacobs about online reviews. A lot of questions are answered, including: How do you respond to a negative review on social media? Why does it seem like online reviews have increased? Should reviews be directly addressed or should they be ignored? Aren’t there privacy limitations? What’s the best way to build positive comments?

Be sure to check out this month’s “Chew on This” and tune in regularly to see what’s next. Also, by subscribing to Beyond the Bite and receiving email notices with new posts, you can be entered into a monthly drawing for a $10 Starbucks gift card!

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