Ain’t That the Tooth!

“Ain’t that the Tooth” is a podcast by the South Florida District Dental Association (SFDDA) that takes you into the lives of its members and their perspective on all kinds of topics in and out of dentistry.

Last summer, the SFDDA board met to discuss plans for the upcoming year. After much discussion, plans to increase its social media and digital presence were agreed upon. Additionally, an ambitious project was proposed: a podcast.

The SFDDA created a podcast that would air every other week to all dentists and available through most, if not all, podcast-streaming apps.

After setting up a studio at the SFDDA office in Coral Gables and recording a few sessions, “Ain’t That the Tooth,” launched on Feb. 3, 2021, and hit 100 downloads within the first two weeks! The reviews have been positive and encouraging.

The podcasts have covered such topics as finding the right associate, student issues and membership. There also will be future episodes that will talk about work-life balance, practicing with your mother or father, and even more personal topics. If you have an idea for a conversation topic and would like to be on the podcast, contact the SFDDA at

“Ain’t That the Tooth” can be found on all major platforms, such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, Stitcher, iHeartRadio and Pandora.

Excerpt taken from the SFDDA Winter Newsletter.

Celebrating Our Diversity

By Yolanda Marrero, SFDDA Executive Director

The South Florida District Dental Association (SFDDA) boasts one of the most diverse communities in Florida — and we love it! One needs only to travel US 1 from the Southernmost Point in Key West to South Broward to experience the various foods, music and entertainment that make up our district. The cuisine includes an amazing mix of Floribbean and Latin fusion from the islands of the Caribbean, including: Cuba, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Trinidad and Haiti, to name a few; and foods ranging from South and Central American to French, Italian, Asian, Middle Eastern Greek and Jewish fare. And our languages, religions and pastimes are as varied as the foods above.

Consequentially, the SFDDA membership is comprised of several cultures, ethnicities and religions, and almost is equally divided in gender and age. It is rich and wonderful, and has provided us with opportunities to become aware of each other — giving us a sense of pride for the diversity in which we thrive and an understanding of how important it is in our personal and professional growth.

The SFDDA leadership reflects this diversity, and that is “powerful stuff.” To have a great understanding of the community and to be able to forge a strong bond between the public and the association is a benefit of embracing our diversity. Each day, we are eager to welcome dentists who have not yet experienced the value of this wonderful organization and know we can learn a thing or two from each other.

We have many events and dinner lectures where you and your colleagues can experience the diversity of our district. We invite you to attend and experience what membership in the American Dental Association and Florida Dental Association through the South Florida district is like. There truly are many benefits for everyone.

Visit our website for a complete listing of events and meetings at